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Key Dates in the Hotels History

The hotel was founded in 1887 by Friedrich Jäger, coinciding with the opening of the Höllentalbahn. Titisee went on to enjoy growing popularity over the years as a holiday destination.
The number of visitors to the area rocketed and the new owner Eberhard Trescher came along just at the right time in 1911 with a bold, new approach to business.
Years spent travelling across the USA had left their mark on him, prompting him to think on an American scale. This resulted in an ultra stylish masterpiece created between
1912 and 1914, known today as the “South Wing”, where every room had its own bath! As the years went by the Jäger family retired from managing the hotel and the Trescher family went on to run it on their own, and that is how the Schwarzwaldhotel became Treschers Schwarzwaldhotel am See.
In 1927 Trescher senior became ill and his son E. Joe Trescher took over running the hotel after years working successfully in France, England and the USA.
In 1935 he brought his wife-to-be from the Rhine on board. Her name was Edda, a traditional girl from the Rhine, who, to this very day has kept the entire hotel team together as the matriarch of the family, with her warmth and heart. Two tennis courts were built, which was then followed by a new dining room and then a bar!
1938 marked the start of evening entertainment, albeit still on a modest level, with a café violinist, pianist and bar tender. Both the family and business flourished, until Hitler’s megalomania put an end to everything and the hotel was declared a military hospital for the nation and the fatherland.
At the end of the war in 1945 the hotel was home to a French General and his entourage and it wasn’t until 1948, under the auspices of understanding amongst nations, that it was allowed to open up again as a pub, between the thick supporting beams of the disused air-raid shelter and bricked up windows behind fox-holes. Sleeves were rolled up as modest rebuilding work began. A new terrace was built and by
1949 the first external renovations were carried out with extensions to the office and foyer.
In 1961/62 a Black Forest sensation started, as the hotel became the first in the region to have its own indoor pool. What made it really special was that from the cosy warmth of the pool guests could enjoy a view of the frozen lake from the vast panoramic windows.
In 1962 Trescher Junior became Senior, as he brought his son Hansjörg or Jocki on board. The team was boosted once more just a year later when he got married.  Today Ulrike Trescher, née Moninger from Karlsruhe, is still responsible for creating the ambience of the hotel with her unmistakeable signature style. Over the next few years new building work and rebuilding work continued apace.
In 1968 the large conference room was built after much planning.
In 1970 the Tic-Tac Bar opened underneath the garden terrace, (100% soundproof of course) and quickly became known outside Titisee as the place to go.
In 1974 the “Lake Wing” was added in no time at all, despite the adverse weather conditions, and was ready for guests in just seven months.
In 1979 the family decided to extend and convert the whole of the ground floor. This included a cosy bar complete with an open fire, the legendary “Fläschlehimmel“. From
1980-1983 nephew and stepson Michael Moninger completed his training at the hotel and then in keeping with family traditions, went off to see a bit of the world first. After a successful time in Switzerland, Austria, France and England spent experiencing life and finding his feet, he returned to the bosom of the family in
1992, however not without bringing his wife with him.
In 1985 the main part of the hotel, almost a century old by this time, underwent a complete facelift and for the moment the “hardware” was finished. Regular building work followed to keep on lovingly extending, modernising and furnishing the rooms, now totalling 80, under the creative guidance of Ulli Trescher. Over the years the “Titinova” Health Complex evolved from the indoor pool area to include a whirlpool, a variety of saunas, relaxation areas, gym, healthy snack and juice bar, with its own access to the lake and lawn area for sunbathing.
The tireless investments paid off in 2002 when the Schwarzwaldhotel became a member of the highly renowned Romantik Hotel Group and shortly after this added an S for Superior to its four stars. Tribute was paid to this new rating. In 2003 the “La Bellezza” Beauty Spa opened its doors, with nine treatment rooms for massages, spas and treatments. It offered a multi-sensory oasis for pure, unadulterated pampering spanning almost 1,000 m2.  
In 2004 the hotel underwent another facelift and unveiled a new foyer complete with glass domed roof. The Kaminbar was completely renovated and extended to include a 70-seater piano lounge. The roof was fitted with solar panels, showing you have to move with the times, even in the Black Forest!
In Spring 2006 the spacious lakeside terrace was completely revamped so that many more generations can enjoy the amazing view over the Titisee.
In November and December 2007 the “Lake Wing” was renovated in classically, elegant style, featuring a total of 29 rooms, plus 1 apartment, all with a lake view and all with W-LAN.
A heated outdoor pool is planned for spring 2009, so guests can enjoy a swim outdoors at any time of year.
In 2010 the whole of the indoor pool and sauna area will be renovated and extended